Our Expertise

We provide a complete service dealing with Rates Revaluation and Revision, including representations to Tailte Eireann and Valuation Tribunal appeals. Our principle Eamonn Halpin B.Sc (Surveying) M.R.I.C.S M.S.C.S.I. has almost 40 years experience dealing with all rating matters, he initially worked for the state valuation service during the period: 1980-1995. Then in 1995, he setup his own specialist practice dealing with rating and other specialist commercial property advices. In 2010, he was joined by his son, David Halpin M.Sc. (Real Estate) BA (mod).

Over the past number of years, we have successfully dealt with thousands of commercial properties around the country on behalf of all types of occupiers, including owners, tenants, landlords, state and semi-state bodies. In relation to the final appeal process to the Valuation Tribunal, we take more successful challenges on behalf of clients than any other firm in the country.

Advice Regarding General Revaluation Areas

The Valuation Office is currently undertaking general revaluations on a council by council basis throughout the Country.

On the 15th September 2023, the Valuation Office issued final certificates in Kerry, Clare, Galway (City & County), Mayo, Donegal and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. Any appeals against valuations in these areas must be lodged by 19th October 2023.

We cannot stress how important it is to have your valuation checked – as it will inform the basis of your rates bill for 10 years. From our experience in the recent revaluations, large sums of money can be saved by effective representation against valuation certificates. Indeed, even if your rates bill is unchanged or even decreased, this does not mean that further savings are unattainable. In many cases, reductions in rates through the revaluation process have merely redressed some of the imbalance from a previous valuation rather than establishing a fair assessment for the ratepayer. We handle the entire process from start to finish; we will prepare and submit a detailed submission in each case based on the new valuation trends in your area and represent you at the Tribunal Hearing (as and if required). The Valuation Tribunal is an independent body and will weigh the evidence of both the ratepayer and Tailte Eireann (formerly the Valuation Office). Professional representation can often be more effective at Tribunal stage as the Tailte Eireann can, have and will, use the new, and largely untested, valuations in your area against you, no matter how unfair they may be.

Advice Regarding Revision

All valuations not part of a general revaluation program are dealt with by way of revision. Revision is subject to a number of restrictive clauses, defined by ‘material change in circumstances’, namely:

1) Construction of new property

2) Significant structural alterations to existing property

3) Amalgamation or Sub-division of properties

4) A change in rateable status of a property

If a ratepayer initiates a revision, It is not sufficient to prove that the valuation is excessive; one must prove at revision that the property is materially changed and that the valuation is excessive. This makes each case unique and challenging in its own way.



Revaluation is when all valuations in a county are revised at the same time.

Advices by phone or email: FREE

Survey: €100 + VAT per assessment

Representations: ‘No Foal, No Fee’ @ 50% of the 1st year’s savings in rates + VAT.

Valuation Tribunal Stage: On Request (case by case basis)


Revision is when all other valuations are fixed, but there is an individual issue with your unique valuation.

Advices by phone or email: FREE

Survey: €500 + VAT per assessment

Representations: ‘No Foal, No Fee’ @ 50% of the 1st year’s savings in rates + VAT.

Valuation Tribunal Stage: On Request (case by case basis)